J-Bots Robotics

This week’s blog post takes a slight detour from our SmartSchool Initiative to highlight another program the Kohelet Foundation has sponsored, the J-Bots Robotics Program. This blog post was written by Science Department Chair and Registrar at Barrack Hebrew Academy, Rhonda … Continue reading

SmartSchool Showcase Pictures!

On Monday, June 3rd, Kohelet Yeshiva High School hosted the First Annual SmartSchool Showcase! Using their iPads and Apple TVs, students and teachers from the Collaborative came together to share and show how the SmartSchool program has made its mark … Continue reading

iPads Open a Galaxy of Possibilities for Fifth Grade Science Students

When we introduced the iPads to my classes, it was a novelty for everyone – me included! – and naturally there was a period of adjustment. In the weeks afterwards, as everyone in the classroom got used to this new educational technology, we worked out the glitches and started to figure out which activities were best enhanced by using the iPads. Continue reading